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“The feedback we got from our audience confirmed there’s a tremendous interest in what you’re doing” –Peter Dykstra, Senior Producer, CNN

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Our infrastructure is literally collapsing; roads, bridges, electrical grids, water systems...we have spent years building without bothering to practice maintenance and now they are in desperate need of repair. 

One of the most critical elements we need to survive is water...if a bridge goes down you can find another route, if the lights go out you can fire up a candle, but if you run out of water you are in real trouble.  Think about this; the human body can live for weeks without food, it will die in a matter of days without water. 

However there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with our water issues.  Unfortunately if we do not get involved and leave it up to some "agency" or a profiteer our water supplies and quality (which are already in serious jeopardy) will continue to decline. 

In the 1980's Jim Vonmeier worked as a radio DJ and learned how powerful the media is at educating the public.  Today he uses his position as an educator to help citizens make the right choices.  He is a passionate "guest" that delivers information your viewers, listeners and readers need to know that will significantly affect our future.       

 If you thought $4 a gallon for gas was bad

wait until you are paying $10 to take a shower

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Mika Brzezinski CBS News

AN ENGINEERING DISASTER--Well into the 1970's, in cities and suburbs all across the country, developers dug millions of cesspools as a quick and cheap solution for homes that did not have access to a city sewer line.  But no one bothered to think about what would happen to these cinder block structures after decades in a wet environment; they dissolve.  Now these deathtraps are starting to cave-in.      

Over the last 4 years there have been dozens of people all over the country that have been sucked into these pits (some details too gruesome for television) and the numbers are going to increase.    


Long Island, New York is a perfect example.  By the 1990's there were approximately 400,000 homes built with these cesspools in Nassau and Suffolk counties that are now so weak contractors often see up to a dozen collapsed pits every month.  What's truly scary is, many of those cesspools are still in use because they never got the central line out to them. 

If you fall into an abandoned cesspool and survive the fall you may get out alive, but if it is still in-use your chances are slim because the methane gas causes you to pass out and you drown.  Even if you do get out alive you can die from massive infections and methane poisoning.     

The fix is simple; the cesspool can be filled in for less than $2,000 (cheaper than a funeral).

However the health/zoning offices are not informing people of this danger! 

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Maria and Jason are just two of the victims of this government oversight

Another problem is, they are illegal.  The building codes have changed over the years (to protect the public health and environment) outlawing these deep style systems yet most states haven't bothered to tell people that their old systems would have to be replaced!   

Consequently those homes/systems have been sold again and again under the belief that the systems are grandfathered in.  Wrong.  Now the states want the problem cleaned up.  Unfortunately this means millions of homeowners will be hit with up-grade or vacate notices that will put a huge financial strain on people and many will actually lose their homes. 

Jim vonMeier

Biography and Fact Sheet

Jim vonMeier worked as a building contractor for more than 20 years until injuries forced him to hang up his boots and start a career as a teacher.  Using his experience in the building trades he has become an educator and consumer advocate on critical issues the experts are missing.  He has also appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX and NBC programs and been a repeat guest on several of the top 50 radio programs.     

Not afraid to tackle subjects that everyone else seems to avoid he explains:   

  • What you should do immediately if you have or even think you had a cesspool (if your home was built before 1975 chances increase significantly you do).

  • Why not to trust the real estate agent, home inspector, health dept. or developer.

  • What to do before you buy or build that house. 

  • Why getting hooked-up to the city utilities is the last thing you may want to do.  

  •  How to successfully fight city hall. 

  • Critical Real Estate tips. 

  • Even valuable financial information from a contractor's point of view.*

*While the financial experts touted the strong economy and booming real estate market Jim was warning people (3 years ago) to get ready for a rough ride.   Today bankruptcies and home foreclosures are setting records.  Strange how someone in the building trades seems to know more than the experts. 

Jim vonMeier is an environmental specialist and held certifications from the University of Minnesota Extension Service and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  As an educator he performs community based seminars around the country, lectures at trade certification courses and has been a repeat guest speaker at national trade and environmental conferences. 

He is also one of the few educators willing to stand up to developers and the city councils for the irresponsible building practices they are using that are destroying our coastal areas.   

Jim’s favorite format is live shows with call-ins.  “With recorded segments you always have in the back of your mind that if I screw-up we can shoot it again, and because no one wants to re-shoot it creates a lot of pressure.  But with live its jump in the saddle and hold on…so you better do it right.”  

                                                                                                                                                                  In the studio with Gus

He also manages to inject humor into a rather dirty subject:

“Though not the first topic that comes to mind for comedy oriented morning shows, the public service that Jim performs cannot be argued with.  A visit from Jim will guarantee a full phone bank for the duration of his segment.  These callers are home owners who have few places to turn with questions about their septic tanks.”

“Jim has a great knowledge of his field and a great sense of humor to match, so there will be no shortage of laughs during his stay on your program. Do your listeners and your show a favor. Invite Jim Von Meier into the studio, and he'll take care of the rest.”

Mike Colvin-Producer-Cooper & Tobin Show--WPDH Poughkeepsie, NY


Availability: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.  B-roll, props and interview subjects available


Jim vonMeier (MN)



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