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This page concerns the ancestry of the French immigrants, mainly in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America, England, Germany (for the ancestry of people born in France less than 120 years, click here if your read French). 

According to the options of research suggested, it is possible to go back, theoretically until the late XVIth century, certainly to the 1670-80', according to the available records. A thorough search is possible, in particular if your family has a noble or bourgeoise origin.

This search is carried out in the French Archives (National, Departmental or Communal) and local libraries, located close to the place of origin of your ancestors. There is 100 departments in France, then 100 departmental archives and 36,000 communes,...).

We offer to send you an estimate, according to your choices, according to your basic information. You have to give us the dates and places where lived your known grandparents and ancestors (towns, villages, parishes...). The simple mention of an area of origin (for example Alsace, Normandy, Aunis, etc...) or of a diocese, is too vague.


The main options :

Agnatic genealogy : ancestry in direct line

This option will study the branch of your choice. This type of work allows you to know the area of origin of your surname as far as the records exist.


Full genealogy

It is the search for all the ancestors of a man or a woman.


A proposal for a search will be sent to you on detailed request.


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